Trimbakeshwar Temple Prasad


  • Trimbakeshwar is revered Siva temple built sometime in 18th century CE
  • Popular as a spiritually active space, jyotirlinga, it is hoarded in monsoons and Kumbhamela
  • The  linga sits atop the source of river Godavari and has a head gear of silver with five Siva heads, each a human temperament like anger, erotica
  • The temple is a visual treat with large courtyard, tall shikhara and water tank just behind called Kushavarta. The waters in here are believed to be blessed with the heavenly nectar that can revere yo of your sins and acquire tranquillity
  • the largest rivers of southern India Godavari originates here amidst the picturesque mountains making the place an abode of natural beauty and pure air, an obvious choice for a walk in monsoons and dip in mineral-rich waters