Nashik Special Goodie Bag



Crispy Tangy Kondaji Chivda 250 grams
High Quality Bedane(Raisins) 100 grams
Sanap Bandhu Bhel Bhatta 250 grams
Nashik Misal Masala 100 grams
Sula Cork Keychain 1 Qty.


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Kondaji Chivda

  • Blending the crispy tangy Chivda since 9 decades, initiated by Late Kondaji Gunaji Wavre
  • popular as Nashikcha Chivda, now an international brand of ‘quick healthy snack’
  • Has unique blend of spices, baked coconut and onion with hot and tangy aftertaste
  • Begun as a street vendor start-up, Kondaji asked customers to taste and buy, that practice and consistent taste continues
  • Once you take a mouthful, it’s simply impossible to resist!

Misal Masala

  • A popular brunch from late 19th century, Maharashtrians savouring it for more than a century
  • Has red-hot mouth-watering gravy called tarri
  • Served piping hot with tarri lavishly poured over sprouts, garnished with sev, onion, coriander and lemon
  • high protein content and easy to eat, is loved by the health conscious, sportsmen
  • Food lovers hoard the Misal joints on weekends for the exclusive ‘Nashik tarri’
  • The misal masala, quick to make, awesome in taste, is the best thing to hold on for a healthy yet yummy breakfast


  • Literally meaning with two seeds, Nashik raisins/bedana are popular worldwide since almost 100 years
  • Nashik city since 1900s has researched plantations of raisin quality grapes, making them a speciality
  • Formed by dehydrating grapes, Nashik bedana is naturally sun dried to get juiciest and lustred raisins
  • Also known as kismis, bedana is part of all the sweet delicacies and can be had a quick bite by itself
  • It comes in golden and black varieties and is nutritious as well as delicious

Pandey Pedha

  • Serving the ‘sweet tooth’ of Nashikites for last 150 years and more
  • Popular for its caramel creamy softness with just correct concentration to dig your bite
  • Special for its rich quality milk mixed in sugar, concentrated and roasted just perfect to golden brown
  • Best to celebrate any and every occasion!
  • Established by Jagannath Shivlal Pande in 1864, and till date follows the age-old recipes that have maintained the same exquisite flavour for over a century
  • Older Nashik has stories of the shop crowded with people, especially the wrestlers for enjoying the purest milk 


Paithani Purse

  • Paithani is a medieval hand-woven textile unique to Maharashtra, particularly to Yeola in Nashik
  • Paithani is known for lovely symmetrical designs in gold or silver multicolour threads woven intuitively
  • The cloth is woven with silks specially grown and dyed with organic colours
  • The Jakarta or the patterns for weaves are created by the weavers and thus most often singular!
  • The Paithani purse is made from this beautiful cloth that could add ethnic glamour to your persona

Wine chocolate 

  • Millennial borne, the wine chocolates are a speciality from the wine city of India, Nashik
  • Conjuring the some of the best wines in world, wine chocolates thus produced have an enticing taste
  • These are dark chocolates filled with mouthful of tempting wine
  • Loved and exported national and internationally these are favourites for the perfect combination of sweet-bitterness with rush of sultry/warm wine 

Trimbak Prasad

  • Trimbakeshwar is revered Siva temple built sometime in 18th century CE
  • Popular as a spiritually active space, jyotirlinga it is hoarded in monsoons and Kumbhamela

Sula grape seed oil

  • Launched in 2013, this is the first ever Indian grape seed oil
  • It’s used for consumption and in the cosmetic industry for its distinctive flavour, soothing effect and high smoke point
  • It is a by-product of wine making process, Sula extra virgin oil is cold pressed at Nashik valley estate from premium wine grapes
  • Its best choice for healthy ones sans cholesterol, sodium or trans-fat
  • Delicious nutty in taste, its rich in Vitamin E and anti-oxidants
  • Light application of this almost negligible oil is a perfect all in one make-up carry on: it moistures, tones and keeps you young!