Our Story

The idea for City Goodies came out of our own experience. We love to travel , checkout our blog www.loudeaters.com. Travelling, whether for pleasure or work can get hectic. Scheduling everything within the limited time one has, is no fun. And when you go back home, everyone wants to hear stories about your travel and of course, expects local specialties that you got for them as gifts! 

Business travelers have all day meetings and business dinners planned. Leaving them with little time for exploring. As a result they pick up expensive local specialties from the airport to take back home. And when you are holidaying who needs an additional task on the list. The time spent in going and sourcing things from the store can be invested in relaxing or exploring!

Another problem we faced was, who knows what the local specialties are! Which store sells the best things at economical price and more importantly are all local specialties available in any one shop? And thus City Goodies was born. We answer all this for you. Being curious cats, we do all the exploring and researching. Next we pick the best and curate a local specialties goodies bag for you! This attractive goodies bag is convenient to carry and something that I’d personally love receiving. All you have to do is order online and we deliver it to your location within that city. A lovely take away bag that has local specialties to be enjoyed back home!